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Water Outlook

Print and editorial design project with animation and video

The Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Change’s Annual Water Outlook December 2022-23 was a comprehensive project that utilised the full scope of Green Scribble’s skills. This included:

  • An updated theme for the 2023 water outlook
  • Document design, including developing graphics and illustrations
  • Full production of 1:00 animation about the outlook, including graphics, illustrations, storyboarding, voiceover, animation and delivery
  • An online interactive for the DELWP website

View our work on the interactive PDF and animation on DEECA’s website

To view the interactive, animation and publication visit

The Outlook keeps Victorians informed about their region’s water supplies. It also outlines the plans water corporations will put in place to cope with any shortages if they arise, particularly over summer and autumn.

Live project links:

Click here to view the interactive, animation and publication

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